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Ironwood Consulting identity design

A new startup business required an identity and website design to represent their knowledge of HR in large multinationals. We designed the Ironwood Consulting's brand identity by working closely with the directors, learning about their backgrounds and motivations behind the new business. We had to understand what they were thinking when they conceived the brand name. What was its meaning and who was the audience, and how do we want them to receive the brand.

It’s a very solid brand name, the physical nature of iron as a material gives it weight and strength. In this country, iron has strong design associations; railways, bridge, ships and the engineering wisdom of Brunel.

But compounded with the word ‘wood’, now you have an organic element which lives and breathes, that twists and turns depending on the elements and environment around it. Almost a contradiction you might say, except that together they are stronger. Can you imagine the hardness and strength of ironwood, its density, its resilience, its longevity.

ironwood consulting logo design

The designed colour theory is based upon a strong African client base, giving an approachable voice to the robust nature of the brand name and visual identity. All of this distills down to a great new business identity design, a great starting point for a new business in HR.

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graphic design for Ironwood Consultancy

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