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The Dispute Toolkit ebook from Boyes Turner

Ebook design and production is another string to our digital bow. We completed this for one of the Thames Valley's top legal firms. Boyes Turner has a vast library of technical documents perfect for publication as an ebook. The HR eBooks are aimed at small to medium sized companies HR managers who need legal support on a variety of HR issues. We designed and built the first edition of The Dispute Toolkit ebook the first one in a series of twelve HR related titles.

For more information visit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dispute-Toolkit-employers-disciplinary-process-ebook/dp/B01EM6NJO6, oh and the price includes a Free 30-minute consultation with an HR lawyer!

Essentially eBooks are websites built with old fashioned HTML code. Visual design elements and typography are handled by CSS (cascading style-sheets), with the navigation being made out of a series of hyperlinks to individual pages or anchor tags within the text.

To ensure your eBook works well on all eReaders and smartphone apps it's best to keep the design style very simple as there will be variations. Amazon's original Kindle® will override most of your CSS work with its own formatting. Making it a medium of constriction and frustration for graphic designers. But ultimately it's a simple book format and rightly so, allowing you to experience a book on a mobile device wherever you choose. The copy is designed to reflow depending on your device screen-size and orientation. Users can change the text size and page background colour, even switch the screen display to night mode at a touch and swipe of a finger. So it's all about making the ebook as accessible as possible.

So when designing a text-based ebook you're really in the mindset of a 70’s hot-metal typesetter, without the monocle or magnifying glass.

Do you have technical or knowledge-based documents hidden away? These could become great (useful) eBooks.

If you have a lot of technical knowledge or a story to tell about your business as well as dungeons and dragons, then an eBook could be a way to engage an audience and raise your profile as an expert in your field.

We can help you design and develop an eBook and get it online relatively quickly. Crucially, like their printed cousins the text manuscript should be signed off before any design work starts. However one of the benefits of eBooks is the ability to edit and change content and even republish the title once it's online. Stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble etc will replace and update submitted titles within 24 hours. So don’t panic, there aren't 100,000 copies with incorrect page numbers on a ship coming from China. Well, I hope not anyway.

If you require any assistance or ideas about the design and production of eBooks and how this might work for your business give us a call on 0118 321 3436 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Top Image: Graphic design of Boyes Turner ebook cover

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